Sellvia Review: Features, eCommerce, Guides, Pricing & Plans

Sellvia Review: Features, eCommerce, Guides, Pricing & Plans

Sellvia, an e-commerce system, has attracted popularity since its introduction in 2017. In this article, our writer has defined Sellvia review, its safety, features, and benefits. It has also shared a pros and cons list, which can help potential e-commerce beginners know about the platform. Lastly, the article introduces readers to some of Sellvia’s alternatives and how they serve as its competitors.

In the digitalisation era, several individuals have shifted to e-commerce careers, bringing a drastic increase in the profession’s learning platforms. One of them is Sellvia, an e-commerce system which assists new e-commerce owners in initiating a customer store, marketing features, and customer service. In this article, we have listed everything about Sellvia including its review, features, and services.

About Sellvia


Founded in 2017 by Ilya Dolgikh and Yaroslav Nevsky, Sellvia is a complete cycle e-commerce system, that includes technical, customer service, and marketing features, for initiating and running a local business. Based in the United States, Sellvia’s subscribers get access to a bunch of services including an E-commerce platform for business growth, thousands of high-quality products, marketing guidance and promo materials.

Is Sellvia Safe/Legit?

The application, Sellvia, which started in 2017, is a legitimate company. As of 2024, the application has assisted more than 15,000 entrepreneurs to launch their business. In addition, Sellvia has more than 4.8 ratings on Trustpilot; it is a reliable review platform.

However, it depends on the user and the usage of Sellvia and is advised to not use the application for any illegal project.

What Are the Features of Sellvia?

The key features of Sellvia are,

An E-Commerce Platform

Sellvia, the learning platform, assists users with activities like sourcing and logistics. Additionally, to tailor all the needs of the e-commerce platform users, this application has collaborated with trustworthy software.

Done-For-you Dropshipping Software

Following the payment for the subscription, Sellvia handels everything for the entrepreneurs, including the user’s safety and privacy.

Products and Catalogues

The Sellvia products, services, and catalogues are designed according to the e-commerce users. Additionally, it also boasts an SEO-friendly title through which you can easily understand the product.

What Are the Features of Sellvia?

Pre-designed Marketing Campaigns

The Sellvia subscription includes the creation of campaigns and marketing advertisements which provide pre-designed marketing advertisements and materials. The other dropshipping solutions are,

Sellvia Logistics

The application, Sellvia, comprises stock management for its order fulfilment through the United States.

A Sellvia Plugin

With Sellvia’s plugin feature, you can integrate some of the Sellvia services into your existing e-commerce business.

Refunds and Returns

Through the platform, Sellvia, you can easily return and receive a refund, hence, providing hassle-free services for both customers and service providers.

What Are the Pricing of Sellvia?

sellvia pricing

The dropshipping service, Sellvia, offers two pricing options, which are priced at $39/month and $399/month, respectively. Besides the subscription, the Sellvia and Silvia Pro have a 14-day free trial which can be cancelled anytime.

Not only the e-commerce platform but Sellvia has tailored packages for SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing. While these plans are expensive, ranging from $200 to  $5000, they can optimise the marketing of a business with growth assistance.

Sellvia Review: Pros and Cons

Going through the list of Sellvia reviews on the internet, our experts have curated below a list of pros and cons;

Pros  Cons
While establishing a dropshipping platform can be risky, Sellvia’s establishment makes it easier Sellvia lacks global support
The application, Sellvia, has premium packaging for products, ensuring the product’s safety Although Sellvia has several features, it lacks direct supplier connections
The Sellvia subscription has free learning courses which teach you about how to establish a drop-shipping platform. The application’s e-commerce comes with a limited selection

What Are The Benefits of Sellvia?

The several benefits of utilising the dropshipping application, Sellvia,

Faster Shipping and Higher Product Quality

The application, Sellvia, comes with a great shipping speed which attracts several potential customers.

 Popular Products

Sellvia’s e-commerce application has more popular products which can be used for more convenience.

Strong Marketing Support

Owing to its user-friendly interface, Sellvia attracts online shoppers and impulsive purchases.

Top-Notch Packaging

With an e-commerce business model that has unique packaging as one of the features that attract customers, Sellvia has perfect packaging with no-spillage complaints.

How to Use Sellvia?

Here are the simple steps on how to use the drop-shipping platform,

  • Sign Up For Sellvia
  • Choose The Product You Are Looking For
  • Install the integration application for Sellvia
  • Fix a suitable price and list a description
  • Test the Final Integration

What Are The Alternatives of Sellvia?

Some of the top Sellvia alternatives and competitors are, 

1. Kajabi


One of the web hosting applications, Kajabi is an e-learning or membership website which provides email marketing, web hosting, and web-building services.

2. Shopify Plus

A competitor of Sellvia, Shopify Plus is an e-commerce website especially tailored for entry-level firms and companies; it helps users sell their products through social media, Facebook and Instagram.

3. Adobe Commerce

Adobe exprience

Owned by an American multinational computer software company, Adobe Commerce helps small-scale businesses to accelerate in e-commerce marketing, and online payment systems.

Final Words

In essence, Sellvia offers standout business opportunities and is a good application for United States businesses. While it’s SEO services are termed expensive, its additional services including faster delivery terms Sellvia as one of the best stand-out e-commerce platforms. If you are also seeking business targeting services, Sellvia can be the preferable solution for you. The above-mentioned article gives you a glimpse into Sellvia and its several impacts.

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