Who Is Sam Sulek, The Fitness Influencer Who Caught The Attention Of John Cena?

Sam Sulek, 23, has recently attracted the attention of the masses through his fitness regime. The article introduces Sam Sulek, his brief introduction, and his family. It also lets you know about his initial and continued career in fitness training and muscle gaining. 

Sam Sulek is a fitness enthusiast and a social media influencer. In 2024, he came into the limelight with his social media account wherein he often posts his fitness regime.

Who is Sam Sulek?

Sam Sulek was born on February 7, 2001 (age 23 years; as of 2024) in Delaware, Ohio. 

Following completing his junior schooling, Sam Sulek attended Miami University, Ohio for his high schooling. There is very little information available about Sam Sulek’s graduation.

Family: Parents and Siblings

Born and brought up in Delaware, Ohio, Sam Sulek’s parents, Mark Sulek and Sherry Sulek, are corporate professionals. Sam Sulek has two siblings, an elder sister, Marissa Faye, is a baker, and a younger brother, Mark Sulek, is a professional golfer.

Sam Sulek: Physical Stats

  • Height: In Inches: 5’ 10”; In Centimetre: 178 Cm
  • Weight (Cut): In Lbs: 229 lbs; In Kgs: 104 kg
  • Weight (Bulk): In-Lbs: 248 lbs; In Kgs: 113 kg


Image: @Sam sulek/ IG

Initial Career

  • Initially, a diver and a gymnast, Sam started his fitness journey at the age of eight.
  • In 2015, Sam started weight training. In 2017, he stopped pursuing gymnastics to pursue a full-fledged career in weight and fitness training.
  • In 2020, when he was 18, he competed in the inter-school Miami Competition; however, later quit the competition for his weight training
  • In 2023, Sam Sulek started documenting his fitness training and muscle gain which gained him recognition on social media for his unfiltered fitness video and extra-ordinary voice-overs.


  • In 2022, Sam Sulek made his TikTok debut and his first video amassed a viewership of 14300 views and 560 likes in the first year.
  • In September 2022, Sulek earned social media recognition with TikTok which garnered more than 100,000 views on the social media platform.
  • Months later, on February 3, 2023, his other TikTok went viral, amassing a viewership of 1 million, totalling his likes to 194,700 likes.
  • As of 2024, Sam Sulek has more than 18 million likes and 2.5 million followers.

Sam Sulek’s Documenting

  • On January 19, 2023, following Sam Sulek’s Instagram recognition, he started documenting his bodybuilding training and educational commentary.
  • The same day Sam Sulek made his YouTube debut, he began his first series, Spring Bulk. The fitness series which followed Sam Sulek’s body weight gain for gaining muscle premiered its final episode on August 29, 2023.
  • On August 30, 2023, Sulek began a second series, Fall Cut, which followed him cutting fat masses and gaining muscle definition. The series, which gained acclaimed viewers and recognition among social media influencers, ended on October 27, 2023.
  • As of 2024, Sam is premiering his fourth series, Spring Cut, which featured him working on his extravagant fitness regime.
Series Date Started Date Ended Days Lasted
Spring Bulk January 19, 2023 August 29, 2023 222 days
Fall Cut August 30, 2023 October 27, 2023 59 days
Winter Bulk October 28, 2023 March 31, 2024 154 days
Spring Cut April 1, 2024 51+ days

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Is Sam Sulek a Natural Bodybuilder?

Following Sam’s earned social media recognition for his bulking, the most coveted question from netizens was “Does Sam Sulek take steroids”?

While the question remained unanswered by Sulek, a professional bodybuilder, Greg Doucette, claimed Sulek’s diet was “one of the worst diets.”

Reportedly, in the same statement, the bodybuilder added that Sulek’s change in face and acne proves that he is high on anabolic steroids.

Another fitness YouTuber, Paris Demers, in a YouTube video, stated Sulek’s alleged steroid use, further adding that the youngster’s partial reps and ego lifting do not equal the YouTuber’s size. In the same statement, Demers, added, “He followed a poorly-constructed diet plan, made up of sugary and processed food.

Who is Sam Sulek
Image: @sam_sulek/ IG


  • According to Sam, he plans to earn recognition as a professional bodybuilder by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness.
  • In 2023, a published discussion between Chris Bumstead and Urs Kalecinski mentioned Sam Sulek and his bright future in bodybuilding. A short paragraph from the interview read, “Sam Sulek, you know him?” asks Urs Kalecinski. Oh yeah. He is taking over the world. Every fucking thousand subscribers YouTuber is sitting in his car right now and clipped the fucking mic on his head. It’s kind of nice to see you know?” says Cbum. “It’s a shift. I like this guy. I’m gonna retire and just fucking — he can take the reigns over,
  • The rising bodybuilder is also recognised by John Cena; he often posts him on his Instagram handle. In 2023, John Cena posted a photograph of Sam on his Instagram which was captioned “Stone Cold Sam Sulek.”
  • In 2023, acclaimed bodybuilder and 8-time Mr. Olympian, Ronnie Coleman, praised Sam’s body-building footage which he posted on his Instagram handles.

Do You Know These Lesser Known Facts About Sam Sulek?

  • In a media interview, Sam Sulek mentioned that he took inspiration from numerous YouTube fitness videos before initiating his bodybuilding career.
  • He follows a non-vegetarian diet which includes red meats like ground beef and steaks.
  • Since Sam Sulek’s fitness journey includes bulking and weight gain, his daily diet includes an array of calorie-rich foods including milk, bagels, cream cheese, red meat (beef), electrolyte mix, and ice cream.
  • Reportedly, Sam Sulek’s intake includes 7000 calories; however, his fast metabolism and active lifestyle help him to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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