House of the Dragon Season 2: When Will The GOT’s Prequel Air?

The Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning series House of the Dragon is a prequel to Game of Thrones. The article discusses the premiere date and time for its second season. It also explores the cast, trailer, plot, and number of episodes for season 2 of House of the Dragon.

A critically acclaimed American series, House of the Dragon, released its first season, which consisted of ten episodes, in August 2022. This fantasy drama was created by George R. R. Martin and Ryan Condal for HBO. It is a prequel to Game of Thrones. Based on George R. R. Martin’s novel, events in the House of the Dragon take place about 200 years before those in Game of Thrones.

Will there be a House of the Dragon season 2?

Source: HBO

Considering how Game of Thrones dominated TV for eight years, its prequel definitely did not disappoint. Just five days after the first season was released, House of the Dragon was renewed for a second season. HBO’s Head of Drama and Executive Vice President, Francesca Orsi, shared the news in a media release on August 26, 2022. She said, 

We are beyond proud of what the entire HOUSE OF THE DRAGON team has accomplished with season one. Our phenomenal cast and crew undertook a massive challenge and exceeded all expectations, delivering a show that has already established itself as must-see-TV.

We couldn’t be more excited to continue bringing to life the epic saga of House Targaryen with season two,

Is there a trailer for House of the Dragon season 2?

Max released the first teaser for the second installment of the series on December 2, 2023. Further, two new trailers, known as the black trailer and the green trailer for the same came out on March 21, 2024. Recently, on May 15, 2024, fans finally got the official trailer for House of the Dragon season 2. Nonetheless, the trailer looks incredible and has increased the anticipation among fans.

Source: Max

When does House of the Dragon season 2 come out?

With the special dueling trailer released in March 2024, HBO confirmed that the acclaimed series will return on June 16, 2024. Previously, HBO had confirmed a summer 2024 release window while launching the first official teaser.

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Who will be in the cast of House of the Dragon season 2?

There are many actors who bid goodbye to the show after its first season. Meanwhile, the actors who will return for season 2 are mentioned below.

  • Emma D’Arcy as Rhaenyra Targaryen
  • Matt Smith as Daemon Targaryen
  • Olivia Cooke as Alicent Hightower
  • Fabien Frankel as Ser Criston Cole
  • Steve Toussaint as Corlys Velaryon, The Sea Snake
  • Eve Best as Rhaenys Targaryen
  • Ewan Mitchell as Aemond Targaryen
  • Tom Glynn-Carney as Aegon II Targaryen
  • Rhys Ifans as Otto Hightower
  • Harry Collett as Jacaerys Velaryon
  • Bethany Antonia as Baela Targaryen
  • Phoebe Campbell as Rhaena Targaryen
  • Phia Saban as Helaena Targaryen
  • Jefferson Hall as Jason Lannister
  • Sonoya Mizuno as Mysaria, The White Worm

What would be the plot for House of the Dragon season 2?

First of all, since the previous season ended with the death of Queen Rhaenyra, we can expect season 2 to revolve around its repercussions. Viewers will also get to see the Targaryen Civil War in depth. The show’s creator, Ryan Condal, said in an interview how he will proceed with the next season. Condal said,

Series 2 will hit the rhythms people came to expect from the middle run of Game of Thrones, but it will have been earned, and viewers will feel the tragedies because we put the work in,

House of the Dragon Season 2: When Will The GOT’s Prequel Air?

How many episodes will be in House of the Dragon season 2?

In an exclusive report by Deadline, it was revealed that season 2 will consist of eight episodes. This makes the number two less than the first season. The report also suggested that this decision is a part of the longer plan for the show. We can assume that HBO will soon renew the series for a third season.

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How many seasons will there be for House of the Dragon?

The author behind the show’s inspiration has some plans for the number of seasons. George R. R. Martin, who wrote A Song of Ice and Fire, which was later adapted into Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon, spilled his plans on his personal blog. Martin, in October 2022, said, 

It is going to take four full seasons of 10 episodes each to do justice to the Dance of the Dragons, from start to finish.

Where can I watch House of the Dragon season 2?

The Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy award-winning series is returning on June 16 this year. HOTD season 2 will premiere at 9 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. CT on HBO and Max.

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