Zeffy Review: Is Fundraising With Zero Fees Really Possible?

Zeffy is a platform that allows users to make donations online with no platform fee. The article discusses what it actually is, along with its safety and legality. Further, we explore Zeffy review, how to use it with some of its best alternatives.

Imagine a platform where donors can directly contribute their money to the welfare of nonprofit organizations. You must be wondering what there is to imagine; many donor platforms serve the same purpose. Well, not many. In this article, we will discuss a free-of-cost fundraising platform called Zeffy, with a detailed Zeffy review. 

What is Zeffy?

Zeffy is a zero-fee fundraising platform. It is helpful for both donors and nonprofits as there is a clear financial operation. Interestingly, Zeffy has partnered up to provide budget-friendly solutions to thousands of North American nonprofits. 

Meanwhile, the platform is considered a suitable option for tasks such as donor management, fundraising, marketing and communications, and more. Other platforms charge a fee for acting as a mediator in the fundraising process, whereas Zeffy gives the entire donation to nonprofits. This makes it one of the most credible platforms for users. 

Is Zeffy safe to use?

Yes, it is. Other than its zero-fee feature, Zeffy also protects the privacy of its users. In addition, any data you share with the nonprofits will only be used for the transaction process. Any other use of this information violates the terms of service of Zeffy.

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Is Zeffy legitimate?

As per the website, using Zeffy is completely legit. It also mentions that the platform is trusted by more than ten thousand nonprofit organizations in North America. Also, it has played a crucial role in the organizations’ donations of over $200 million. 

Is Zeffy really free?

Is Zeffy really free?

As concluded from a thorough research, Zeffy is entirely free. Now, the question arises as to how Zeffy makes money. Actually, the platform makes money from optional tips from users.

The only way Zeffy makes money is through optional contributions from donors. This implies that while paying to nonprofits, you can also pay some amount of money to Zeffy, although it is not necessary. 

Who owns Zeffy?

François De Kerret is the co-founder and chief executive officer of the company, whereas Thibaut Jaurou serves as the co-founder and chief technology officer at Zeffy. Further, this privately held company also has numerous investors. 

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How to use Zeffy?

 Using Zeffy is as easy as anything else. The steps to use the platform are listed below. 

  • Sign up for a new account. Add your details, such as your email, name, the name of your organization, phone number, and website.
  • Set your country details, whether you are a US citizen or Canadian. 
  • Decide the password and click on ‘Create account.’
  • Follow the instructions on your screen, and you will be directed to the dashboard.
  • Link your bank account from the ‘bank’ tab.
  • Verify with Stripe for secure financial services.
  • Add your bank details for the final step.

Best Zeffy Alternatives in 2024

There are many online platforms similar to Zeffy that offer convenient donation and fundraising services. However, it is uncertain that they would also have a zero-fee policy like Zeffy. 

1. DonorPerfect


Founded in: 1981
Link to DonorPerfect: https://www.donorperfect.com/

DonorPerfect is one of the most popular Zeffy alternatives. It serves as a credible platform for nonprofit organizations to grow. Those looking to help can perform tasks like gifting, donating, communicating, etc. through DonorPerfect. Moreover, DonorPerfect accepts donations through apps such as PayPal and Venmo.

Features of DonorPerfect:

  • Option for customizable fundraising
  • Integrated payment processing
  • DonorPerfect has a mobile app for both Android and iOS
  • It has live chat support
  • Personalized onboarding process

2. Givebutter


Founded in: 2016
Link to Givebutter: https://givebutter.com/ 

Givebutter is also another fundraising platform for nonprofit organizations. Similar to Zeffy, it also fulfills the monetary requirement of a tip from donors. Other than that, the whole donation amount goes directly to the nonprofits. Its transparent tip-or-fee model makes it one of the most credible platforms out there.

Features of Givebutter:

  • Auction management feature
  • Donation forms
  • Nonprofit marketing and engagement
  • Donor management and CRM
  • seamless payment processing

3. Donorbox

Zeffy Review: Is Fundraising With Zero Fees Really Possible?

Founded in: 2014
Link to Donorbox: https://donorbox.org/

Last but not least, Donorbox is also a crowdfunding company that allows the smooth facilitation of online donations. It is beneficial for the donors and the nonprofits and, thus, trusted by many. Some of its most popular users belong to charities, religious institutions, schools, animal welfare groups, and political parties.

Features of Donorbox:

  • Option to donate via text message
  • Encourages donor engagement
  • Personalized campaign pages
  • Provides insights into various campaigns
  • Automatically generate a tax-deductible receipt 


To sum it up, donating to nonprofits is a great deed. It gets more valuable when the entire donation goes to the accounts that are working towards a better tomorrow. With a comprehensive Zeffy review and an insight into some of the best Zeffy alternatives, we hope that you also get motivated to contribute a little from your pocket.

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