What Are The Release Dates For Resident Alien Season 4?

Resident Alien is a sci-fi dramedy series that revolves around the mission of an alien on Earth. The article discusses the release date, cast, and trailer of the Resident Alien Season 4.

An American sci-fi comedy TV series, Resident Alien, premiered its first season over three years ago. The drama is based on a comic book of the same name. The show got an exciting renewal for a second season just two months later. Since then, the series has been renewed two more times and premiered a total of 34 episodes on Syfy. To learn more about Resident Alien season 4, including its release date, cast, and trailer, keep reading.

About Resident Alien

The show revolves around a comedic alien who is sent to wipe out the whole of humanity. Despite his mission, the alien forms a deeper and indescribable bond with humans. 

Genre Comedy Drama
Science fiction
Created by Chris Sheridan
Based on Resident Alien by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse
Executive producers Chris Sheridan
Mike Richardson
Keith Goldberg
Justin Falvey
Darryl Frank
David Dobkin
Robert Duncan McNeill
Production companies Jocko Productions
Amblin Television
DarkHorse Entertainment
Universal Content Productions
Country of origin United States
Number of seasons 3
Number of episodes 34
Network  Syfy
Source: Netflix

Will there be a Resident Alien season 4?

It has not been long since the third season of the series wrapped up. Fans, meanwhile, have already started to search for the Resident Alien season 4 release dates. As per a report from Deadline, the show’s future on its network remains uncertain. There are rumors that the sci-fi drama will move from Syfy to NBCU’s USA network.

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Not only this, the drama could also land on Netflix. Despite the fact that it would bring a global audience for Resident Alien, its limited regional availability till now will remain an obstacle. 

Who will be in the cast of Resident Alien season 4?

Since the fourth season is not on the cards yet, its cast announcements have also not been made. In the meantime, let’s have a look at the series’ cast for its previous season. They include:

  • Alan Tudyk
  • Sara Tomko
  • Corey Reynolds
  • Alice Wetterlund
  • Levi Fiehler
  • Judah Prehn
  • Elizabeth Bowen
What Are The Release Dates For Resident Alien Season 4?
Source: Netflix

When can we expect a Resident Alien season 4 trailer?

If season 4 is greenlit, it won’t be before 2025 that we get a glimpse of it. Thus, a trailer for the same is not available as of now. Nevertheless, we suggest you do not stress yourself out, as the lead actors of the series have repeatedly expressed their optimism for a fourth installment.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes TV

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