Make Your Job Easier With These Best Zapier Alternatives In 2024

Zapier is an automation tool that connects your apps and services. The article discusses what Zapier is, its uses, whether it is free, and some of its pros and cons. It also explores a few Zapier alternatives, with their features and plans discussed.

Having multiple tasks at hand might lead to a pile of work. This has made it difficult for individuals to manage their day-to-day activities. However, many automated tools in the market are available that help you get your work in line. This way, you can get more productive by focusing on tasks that actually require human creativity. In this article, we discuss one such automation app, called Zapier, along with some of the best Zapier alternatives.

What is Zapier?

What if we tell you that you can still fetch out some extra hours from your busy week? Well, everything is possible in today’s landscape. Zapier is an automation platform that enables you to unite your most used apps and web services together for a smooth workflow. It is useful for many people, whether you are an employee or a business owner; Zapier has beneficial functions. With this platform, you can also create and manage calendars easily. 

What is Zapier used for?

Let us understand what Zapier does in simple terms. It connects web apps and services. It can help you build a smoother workflow, that too, without any coding required. Some of the tasks that can be completed with the help of Zapier are listed below.

  • Automating social media
  • Project management
  • Note-taking
  • Automated emails
  • Creating and managing calendars and meetings.

In summation, using Zapier can be very beneficial for individuals. 

Is Zapier free?


Certainly, yes. This automation platform offers a free plan that is easily accessible to all users. Its free plan allows only 100 tasks per month to the users. For unrestricted access, you need to pay the subscription charges. 

For individuals For teams
Monthly plan: $29.99/mo Monthly plan: $103.50/mo
Annual plan: $19.99/mo Annual plan: $69/mo

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Zapier reviews

Like any other online tool, Zapier too has its own Pros and Cons. Its robust features have made it one of the top automation tools in the market.

Pros of Zapier Cons of Zapier
Massive app integration capacity No mobile app
Extensive automation capabilities Extremely limited free plan
Unique Auto replay feature Less support for non-business tasks

Why do we need Zapier alternatives?

Given that the free plan of this tool is considerably limited, we have mentioned some of the best Zapier competitors below. 

1. Make

Founded on: February 22, 2022

The first tool on our list is an all-in-one automation platform called Make. Earlier, it was known as Integromat. Notably, thousands of users have trusted Make to integrate their apps, services, and systems. Its features are as follows:

  • Its user-friendly interface enables users to automate workflow without needing coding. This way, you can understand the beginning to ending process.
  • Make can integrate with numerous apps and web services. 
  • Hundreds of templates are available. They can be customized as per the user’s needs. 
Pros of Make Cons of Make
Allows up to 1,000 tasks per month in a free plan. Prioritizes its email support for premium users.
Over 1,000 apps and web services can be integrated. You need to get in touch with the sales team for details on paid plans.


  • Free plan: 1,000 Ops/month
  • Core plan: 10,000 Ops/month at $9/mo (Billed yearly)
  • Pro plan: 10,000 Ops/month at $16/mo (Billed yearly)
  • Teams plan: 10,000 Ops/month at $29/mo (Billed yearly)

2. Pabbly Connect


Founded in: 2017

It is another efficient Zapier alternative that has a user-friendly and direct interface. This workflow automation tool also comes with several free benefits. Meanwhile, the free internal tasks and triggers include text formatting, scheduling, date-time formatting, and data forwarding, among other things. Naturally, Pabbly Connect is one of the most suggested tools for any young business. Its features are as follows.

  • Webhooks
  • API Integration
  • More than 300 spreadsheet formulas
  • Date and Time Formatter
  • URL Encode/Decode
  • Encryption/Decryption Operations
Pros of Pabbly Connect Cons of Pabbly Connect
There are a vast number of integrations. Users suggest an improvement in the interface.
Its API connectors let you connect with any app online. Occasionally lacks the feature of providing actionable feedback on errors.

Pricing for lifetime deals:

  • Standard: 3000 tasks per month at $249 (One Time Payment)
  • Pro: 6000 tasks per month at $499 (One Time Payment)
  • Ultimate: 10000 tasks per month at $699 (One Time Payment)



Founded on:14 December 2010

Although it’s as old as Zapier, IFTTT is one of the original automation platforms. Unlike Zapier, which has ‘Zaps,’ IFTTT has ‘Applets.’ The name of the platform is short for “If This Then That.” It is a perfectly capable tool, with no limitations on Applets. For instance, you can also use it to integrate with Google Calendar in order to track your working hours. Interesting, isn’t it? These are some of its features:

  • It connects to hundreds of services, apps, tools, and more.
  • IFTTT can be used to perform various functions, such as controlling home appliances, televisions, video game consoles, ACs, heaters, etc.
Pros of IFTTT Cons of IFTTT
Smart home automation has become easier with IFTTT. Potential issues with Applet triggers.
People with no technical knowledge can use it because of the no-code interface. You may find it basic for a more significant purpose.


  • Pro: 20 Applets at $2.92 per month
  • Pro Plus: Unlimited Applets at $12.50 per month


While finding free Zapier alternatives is not a difficult task, sticking to them and utilizing them without any limitations is. The article talks about several features and functionalities of Zapier. We hope that the detailed insights into some of the best automation tools on the market make meeting goals easier for you.

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