Should You Use FaceCheck ID In 2024? Is The AI Tool Free For Users?

The article gives a detailed overview of FaceCheck ID, an AI facial image search tool. In this article, FaceCheck ID review, its safety, legality, and price are discussed. Moreover, we have also given insights into how to use FaceCheck ID and some of the best alternatives for FaceCheck ID.

Imagine a tool that can spill out all the details about a person just with their photo. It is difficult for you to believe, isn’t it? Well, FaceCheck ID is exactly the same kind of tool. Its face recognition abilities help you to find out everything about an individual, just with their photo.

Moreover, its artificial intelligence and machine learning efficiency work rigorously to find similarities between the uploaded photo and the pictures in its database. To get a FaceCheck ID review and get familiar with some of the best FaceCheck ID alternatives, keep reading.

What is FaceCheck ID?

FaceCheck ID is a new-generation artificial intelligence tool that utilizes facial recognition innovation to allow the safe and accurate identification of individuals. Nevertheless, it is a highly reliable tool that many people across the world have started to use. If used properly, like in crucial sectors such as finance, security, and online services, it can be really beneficial. Not only this, but it prevents you from indulging in piles of paperwork and research. 

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Is FaceCheck ID legit?

It is normal for people to worry about the legitimacy of such tools. However, we assure you that FaceCheck ID is completely legal to use. It would not land you in trouble as long as you are using it for the right purpose. In today’s digital age, it becomes a necessity to know the past behavior of a person before building any relations with them. Thus, FaceCheck ID becomes an absolutely important tool.

Is FaceCheck ID safe?

Is FaceCheck ID safe?

Above, we have clarified that FaceCheck ID operates legally and it is also safe to use. Nonetheless, using it for an acceptable purpose is a user’s responsibility. They have to bear the job of not misusing the functionalities of this AI tool. The camera of your smartphone is used to determine the identity of a person. Using it for troublesome activities, such as stalking or breaching someone’s privacy is neither safe nor legal. Therefore, we advise careful usage of FaceCheck ID.

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How to use FaceCheck ID?

One does not need to be a tech expert in order to leverage the services of FaceCheck ID. An easy and detailed step-by-step guide to using FaceCheck ID is listed below.

1. Select the photo that you wish to use. Ensure that it is in high resolution.

2. Visit the official FaceCheck ID website:

3. After being directed to its homepage, click on ‘Browse.’ Upload the picture that you wish to search for.

4. Accept the Terms of Use and complete the Captcha check. After this human recognition, click on ‘Search Internet By Face.’

5. The result will be displayed within a few minutes. You can use it at your own convenience. 

Is FaceCheck ID free?

Is FaceCheck ID free?

Unsurprisingly, FaceCheck ID offers two plans. One is free, which has some limitations on the number of searches and results. Users can only perform 10 searches in a day. Meanwhile, the paid plans offer more features and a larger number of searches. Those paid plans are discussed below.

Plan Name Price Number of credits Validity 
Just a Peek  $6 in crypto 36 Credits 2 days
Rookie Sleuth $19 in crypto 150 Credits 14 days
Private Eye $47 in crypto 400 Credits 2 months
Deep Investigator $197 in crypto 2000 Credits  6 months

Why do we need FaceCheck ID alternatives?

Due to the limited offerings in its free version, people might look up to the tool’s replacements. Some of the best FaceCheck ID alternatives are mentioned below.

1. TinEye


Many people consider it one of the best FaceCheck ID alternatives. TinEye’s reverse image facial recognition feature has made the discovery of any individual online easier. The AI and machine learning algorithms compare the uploaded image with those already existing in its database.

Pros of TinEye Cons of TinEye
It has a wide database. Users cannot upload multiple images.
It is easy to use. It could be unaffordable for many.
One can apply filters for accurate search. Limited features in the free version.

2. PimEyes 


This tool bears many similarities to Google’s reverse face search. PimEyes uses advanced technology to recognize a similar face over millions of websites. Moreover, it does not dive deep into the lives of people but just focuses on thoroughly searching the websites that have their pictures uploaded.

Pros of PimEyes Cons of PimEyes
It has efficient image recognition functions. Some might use it to violate other’s privacy,
Its ‘Alerts’ feature notifies users when their photo is uploaded online. Accuracy is not guaranteed in this tool.
It has a wide index for performing searches. Its deep search feature is expensive for many users.

3. Social Catfish

social catfish

Social Catfish is another facial recognition search engine that helps identify people based on their name, email, and address. Meanwhile, users can look up similar profiles on social media, and avoid their identity from being exploited over the internet. Nonetheless, its vast database also suggests images that are similar to yours. 

Pros of Social Catfish Cons of Social Catfish
It has a friendly and intuitive interface. No free trial is offered to users.
One can search for images in a few seconds. It could be unaffordable for some users.
It has access to a wide database. Social Catfish is available to people in limited regions.


To sum it up, there are many tools online that offer facial recognition searches. It is considered legal and safe as long as it is used for a normal deed. Things tend to get serious when people leverage their functions to trouble someone else. We hope that this FaceCheck ID review, along with the top FaceCheck ID alternatives will be useful to you.

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