‘Beartown’ Series Review: Will There Be a Second Season?

A Swedish novel adaptation, Beartown, received an impressive review on Rotten Tomatoes. The article gives you an explanatory review of the debut season of Beartown Series. It also addresses the anticipation for a second season of Beartown.

A Swedish-language series adapted from the novel of the same name, Beartown follows a community in Sweden who are obsessed with ice hockey. Penned By Fredrik Backman, Beartown was published in 2016 and instantly achieved the “best-seller” title. Besides the novel series received adaptations, which premiered in 2020 and 2021, respectively.

About Beartown (Web-Series)

Beartown, a five-episode mini-series, initially named Björnstad, adapted from a Swedish novel of the same name, premiered on HBO Nordic in 2020. Following a successful premiere in Nordic, the series made its debut on HBO North America on February 22, 2021.

While Beartown garnered immense positive reviews, it was later removed from HBO in the United States.

In 2022, along with the debut of Paramount’s American television network, Showtime received Beartown in addition to the other 20 web series from HBO.

The web series is directed by Peter Grönlund (“Goliath,” “Drifters”), and adapted by Emmy-winning writer Anders Weidemann, Antonia Pyk, and Linn Gottfridsson. Besides, the producers for the HBO series are Filmlance’s Bonnie Skoog Feeney and Mattias Arehn. Additionally, the executive producer is Fredrik Backman represented by Salomonsson Agency, Tor Jonasson. Executive Producers for HBO Europe are Hanne Palmquist, Steve Matthews, and Antony Root.  The Swedish series is produced by Filmlance, a Banijay Company, for HBO Europe.

Source: HBO

Is Beartown Based On a Novel?

The Swedish HBO series, Beartown, is based on a Swedish novel of the same name. The novel, which was published in 2016 in Sweden and 2017 in the United States, made its way to the streaming giant in 2020.

Written by Fredrik Backman, Beartown is the first novel in the series, the other two being Us Against You and The Winners.

Although it ranks among the best Swedish novels, it was removed from the reading list of McMichael High Scholl, a high school in North Carolina. According to a report, parents of the high school students called the novel “vulgar” and “graphic.”

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Beartown: Review

The web series, Beartown, received mixed reviews on the aggregator website, Rotten Tomatoes. In the reviews, several critics mentioned Beartown as an entertaining web series along with calling out the series for an “exceptional plot” and “excellent cast.”

Matthew Gilbert, a top critic on Rotten Tomatoes, appreciated the forthcoming series for its plot. His review read,

Takes the honesty of Friday Night Lights to an even deeper and much darker level. The five-part drama, based on the 2017 novel by Fredrik Backman, floored me with its realism, as it digs into the people of a struggling community.

Source: HBO

Will There Be a Beartown Season 2?

In an article by Warner Bros Discovery, the much-anticipated series is mentioned as a “Swedish Language Limited-Drama” web series. Hence, it is less likely that we will receive a second season for Beartown.

On the other hand, the web series, Beartown, is based on New York Times bestseller novel of the same name which has two other series named Us Against You and The Winners. As a result, there are speculated spin-offs for the Swedish series.

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