Elevate Your Videos with These 5 Best Video Enhancer Tools 

This article mentions some of the latest and best-performing video enhancer tools. Compare and choose the best tool to improve video quality with simple clicks.

Video quality has always been a concern for video creators and videographers. Quality is an essential component of every video. Without a rich resolution, the video may appear dull and blurry. Dull videos are no longer appreciated online. Thus, it is essential to enhance video quality and resolution before posting them online. How to enhance video quality?

There are varied tools that help enhance video quality efficiently. Such software has all the features to improve video brightness, color, and saturation. By increasing the overall resolution of existing videos, these tools bring life to old and dull videos. There are hundreds of such tools, and some of these enhancement tools are mentioned in this article.

A Comprehensive List of Top 5 Video Enhancer Tools with Their Pros and Cons

Blurry and dull videos are no longer a concern because excellent AI video enhancement tools help enhance video quality in minutes. The AI software facilitates impressive features for enhancing old videos. Many such apps also claim to deliver extraordinary results. However, only a few meet the purpose. 

Among so many tools, only a few AI software programs provide adequate features for the right actions. Choose an AI video enhancer that provides myriad features for video enhancement. To reduce the stressful efforts of choosing the best enhancer, we have listed the top 5 AI video enhancers below with their pros and cons. Check the list below. 

1. UniFab AI Video Enhancer

UniFab is an AI video enhancer that helps improve video quality in the finest form. The software follows a neural network to eliminate noise, blurriness, and dullness in old videos. 

UniFab AI Video Enhancer supports a wide range of output format selections and enables better results in the easiest possible way. The software offers advanced features that allow you to achieve the high-quality image and video results.


  • It lets you edit, crop, split, and rotate videos.
  • Ensure an efficient upscaling process in less time.
  • Works on face recovery and video refinement.


  • Free trial versions support limited features.
  • Requires high computer configuration.

2. Vmake AI Video Enhancer

Vmake AI Video Enhancer enhances video sharpness and color to create a lasting impression of the final video. The tool flawlessly enhances video quality.

The Vmake helps enhance video quality by providing enhanced features for the user’s convenience. The software has extensive features for video contrast, quality, resolution, color, etc.


  • It is a user-friendly platform.
  • Support simple processing with speed.
  • Provides batch editing for bulk videos.


  • Requires adequate knowledge for editing.
  • Lacks some essential features.

3. Clideo Video Enhancer

How to enhance video quality? Use Clideo to ensure a complete makeover of random videos. The Clideo Video Enhancer is an online software that lets you transform videos without signup or installation. 

The software lets you adjust video brightness, contrast, color, and saturation for enhanced results. Clideo is a trustworthy video enhancer with simple features for fast video processing.


  • It is a free tool for editing.
  • Supports an easy-to-handle interface.
  • Accepts videos in all file formats.


  • The free version supports limited features.
  • Slow processing for large video files. 

4. Kapwing Video Enhancer

Kapwing is easy-to-use AI software that helps add a special touch to existing videos. The advanced AI tool supports professional features to edit, trim, crop, and cut video in less than a minute. 

Kapwing Video Enhancer is a famous video editing tool that provides efficient resizing and subtitle editing features in existing videos and images.


  • Efficiently remove watermarks
  • Provides efficient filters for video editing.
  • Support all popular file formats.


  • Misses some of the essential features.
  • Limits editing files with large size.

5. Flixier Video Enhancer

Flixier is a trusted video resolution enhancer that offers myriad filters and features. The helpful online software lets you improve video quality without any software download or signup. 

Flixer video enhancer lets you adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation in simple clicks. Upload your old video and export the finest result in the desirable format with Flixer.


  • No need to download any bulky software.
  • It lets you compress videos to share.
  • Support transition editing features.


  • The free version misses essential features.
  • Requires a fast working internet. 


Not all tools that claim to use AI deliver satisfactory video enhancement results. Thus, it is better to carefully analyze the pros and cons before choosing one that meets your needs.

A standard video enhancer works on the existing video’s finest detail, ensuring better enhancement results. Some of the top tools are mentioned in the article. Choose one from the list or find your AI tool to enhance video quality perfectly.

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