Soulgen AI Review: Is it the Best AI Image Generator?

Through this article, we will dive into one of the most exciting AI tools, Soulgen AI. We have also listed the features, aspects, review and pricing among other details about the Soulgen AI. This guide will also help you to learn step-by-step how the process of image generation in Soulgen AI unfolds.

Text-to-image AI generator tools have been in prominence since the introduction of AI generator tools. Among the several AI art generators is Soulgen AI, an application that has been ranked among the best image-generator artificial intelligence tools.

A type of AI tool, Soulgen AI utilises deep learning neural networks for transforming a text prompt into an image. Scroll down to learn more about the AI generator.

What is Soulgen AI?

Soulgen AI is an AI art generator known to create anime and real-girl images to create prompts. The users can edit their pictures by adding, extending, and removing content. Featuring an advanced algorithm, Soulgen’s AI can transform your basic images into visually appealing representations.

With the AI tool, you can create your imagination into pictures. All you need to note down your imaginary visual in the form of text. While there are several features posed by the AI generator, it is popular for anime character generation and modifying your images.

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What are the features of Soulgen AI?

In the Soulgen AI review, here are the main features of the tool,

1. Image Editing

One of the features of Soulgen AI is image editing which allows you to practise your creation into an image until it’s perfect. The basic features of Soulgen AI are background removal and replacement, hair colour and style differentiation, and much more.

2. Outpainting

Opposite to cropping, in outpainting, a user takes an existing image and customises its borders.

3. Soul Chat

In the Soulgen AI, you can create or choose among the bots for a personalised character. Moreover, you can converse with them like a friend, partner, or acquaintance.

4. Text-to-Image Prompting

One of the features is the text-to-image generator which is also known as the most prominent feature of Soulgen AI. To use this feature, you have to enter a descriptive text or prompt to generate a result. It is recommended to provide a concise prompt for fulfilling results.

How to Use Soulgen AI? Step-By-Step Guide

Soulgen AI Review

Here’s a detailed guide on how to use Soulgen AI,

  • Redirect to In the browser, you will be prompted to choose among the two options, try it now or sign up for a premium account.
  • After choosing either of them, snap on Create to open the generator window.
  • You will be asked to enter a detailed prompt. Consider giving detailed and clear input for a perfect image creation.
  • After the prompt, the AI generator will ask you to choose a model. You can opt for it or skip the feature for generating an image from scratch.
  • Opt for an artistic style that matches your preference. The styles you have to choose are realistic, cinematic, and anime.
  • Choose the number of variations
  • After all the preferences, you have to click on “create” and wait for results.
  • You will receive a generated image. From there, you get the option to choose or edit the background, hair colour, etc.
  • If you are a pro user, you can save the image on the platform. However, if you have not purchased the Soulgen AI, you add the image manually.

What are the pricing options for Soulgen AI?

Soulgen AI Review: Is it the Best AI Image Generator?

A new user is allowed to use one free credit/day after logging themselves with an Email ID. However, according to a Soulgen AI review, the free credential is finicky and might disappear in some accounts. A user reviewed,

You can try SoulGen for free after providing your email address. You’ll get one free credit a day to generate an image. I found this to be a bit finicky, though. My initial free credit said it was used when the image hadn’t even been generated, but I was able to use the next day’s credit without issue.

While free Soulgen AI is available, it limits itself to two styles and also includes a watermark. Additionally, free users are barred from using face-swap and advanced editing features.

According to Soulgen AI, to unlock all its features, you have to purchase a pro Soulgen AI. Meanwhile, Soulgen AI’s pro account includes a subscription of $12.99/m or $90.99 a year.

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What are the different aspects of Soulgen AI?

According to a media guide, the different aspects of Soulgen AI are,

Soulgen AI

One of the powerful tools by Soulgen, it helps in creating images seamlessly. With basic prompts, you can generate images that copy your imagination perfectly.

Soulgen Free

While Soulgen is a paid AI tool, following signing up, it gives a free trial to new users. This trial period can be utilised for knowing the tools before you actually commit yourself to the paid version.

What are the safety and security features of Soulgen AI?

What are the safety and security features of Soulgen AI?

In terms of safety and privacy, the important terms that acknowledge the safety terms are,

Is Soulgen Safe?

According to the Soulgen AI reviews across the internet, there are no safety and security concerns associated with it. Additionally, the AI application, Soulgen, confirms the safety of the user and has enabled encryption to protect data.

Is Soulgen Legit?

Listed among the trustable AI generators, Soulgen is legitimate and ensures the best images. Not only this, but the AI tool has received immense appreciation from users for its best-quality images.

What is the Cancellation and Unsubscribing policy of Soulgen AI?

Along with an excellent customer interface, Soulgen has an easy cancellation policy for its users. All you need to log into your Soulgen account and follow the necessary instructions for a hassle-free cancellation.

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Soulgen AI Review: Pros and Cons

Upon doing detailed research based on the feedback from the users, Soulgen has been reviewed as a good AI-generator application. Besides, this was reviewed based on its picture quality and features.

Additionally, the pros and cons for Soulgen are,

Pros Cons
Soulgen is a versatile tool with advanced AI image generator tools and features. According to reviews, Soulgen AI lacks “advanced prompt options”
which is $12.99/m or $90.99/year
While there are similar platforms like this AI tool, Soulgen AI features additional options and an impressive chat experience. Although Soulgen gives a free trial, it is limited to a few features and only one generation/day. Additionally, it has a subscription which is $12.99/m or $90.99/year
Unlike some AI-generator tools, Soulgen AI does give free credit to users for testing its features.

Final Words

With AI taking over the world, the introduction of Soulgen AI has proved as an assistance to several artists. With an expert prompt, this AI image-generator tool helps users and artists to receive a visualised version of their imagination.

However, the AI incorporation has also exposed users to several cyber risks and frauds. Hence, it is advised to not use Soulgen AI for online crime or fraud. Additionally, it is also recommended to read the AI’s terms and conditions for enhanced safety protection.

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