Killing Eve Update: Should Fans Expect A Spinoff For The Series?

Killing Eve is a British spy thriller series. Its fourth season ended two years ago, and a spinoff for the series is in talks. The article discusses crucial details about Killing Eve including whether there would be a fifth season of the series. Further, we also discuss the probability and reasons behind the speculations of a spinoff.

A British spy thriller, Killing Eve, concluded its fourth season some years ago. It follows the story of a British intelligence investigator, Eve Polastri, who is given the responsibility of capturing a psychopathic assassin. They start crossing paths with each other, and fans notice a mutual desire developing between the pair. Fans are still wondering whether there is a Killing Eve season 5. Scroll down to learn more about Killing Eve.

About Killing Eve

The series first premiered in 2018. Its first two seasons received considerable positive reviews. However, the third and fourth seasons garnered mixed responses from the critics. Nevertheless, several cast members of the series won many prestigious awards for their performances. Further details about Killing Eve season 5 are mentioned below.

Producers  Colin WrattenElinor Day
Executive Producers Sally Gentle
Lee Morris
Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Emerald Fennell
Gina Mingacci
Sandra Oh
Jodie Comer
Damon Thomas
Punit Kulkarni
Country of origin United Kingdom
Network BBC America
Production companies Sid Gentle Films
BBC America Original Production
Endeavor Content
No. of Seasons 4
No. of Episodes 32

The release dates of the first four seasons of the series are as follows.

Season  Episodes First Aired Last Aired
1 8 8 April 2018 27 May 2018
2 8 7 April 2019 26 May 2019
3 8 12 April 2020 31 May 2020
4 8 27 February 2022 10 April 2022

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When does Killing Eve season 5 come out?

There is no concrete information on the Killing Eve season 5 release date. This is because it is confirmed that the series will not have any further seasons. While a fifth season is not entirely impossible, it seems off the cards. Meanwhile, the fourth season has received criticism online for ending on a note that has made fans eager to dive deeper into the story. Thus, fans are now anticipating a potential spinoff of the series.

Source: BBCA

It was made clear by AMC Networks in March 2021 that the fourth season will be the final installment of the series.

Dan McDermott, president of original programming for AMC Networks, talked about it in a press release. He said,

We could not be more thankful for the extraordinary talents and efforts of everyone involved, particularly Sandra and Jodie, who made Killing Eve much more than a television show. We look forward to what is sure to be an unforgettable final season and to exploring potential extensions of this compelling universe.

What are the chances of Killing Eve Spinoff?

In the press release by AMC Networks, it was mentioned that

the company is working with partner Sid Gentle Films Ltd. to develop a number of potential spinoff ideas to extend the show’s iconic universe.

Furthermore, the lead writer of season 4 of the series also hinted at the spinoff at that time. Laura Neal told the media,

I think it’s the end of Killing Eve as we know it, but I wouldn’t be able to say whether it’s the end of the Killing Eve world. I’d love to see something else.

As of now, there are no release dates for the Killing Eve spinoff. However, Deadline confirmed in April 2022 that it is in its early stages of development. Not only this, it was reported that the spinoff will focus on Fiona Shaw’s character Carolyn Mertens’s life as a spy in the Soviet Union.

In the meantime, cast details for the spinoff of Killing Eve have not been revealed.

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