Tom Holland And Zendaya Plans Of Getting Married In The Future: Reports

Hollywood actors Tom Holland and Zendaya have been keeping their dating lives secret for the past few years. Fans love the duo’s chemistry, whether it is an interview or a simple public appearance. Things are now getting serious as both are planning to get married in the future.

Zendaya and Tom Holland, the Hollywood star couple, have been very secretive about their romantic lives. They will soon be changing their relationship status. Reports suggest that the couple might be considering moving one step further in their relationship. Notably, they first met to co-star in the Spider-Man movie trilogy. Since then, they have been keeping their love for each other away from the limelight of the media. 

In an exclusive report by People magazine, the outlet revealed that a source close to the couple said they might tie the knot in the future. 

The source said,

There has been talk of marriage, and that is a reality,

They are not the kind of stars who put their lives together out there on social media for the most part.

The duo, as per the source, likes to keep their lives private. Moreover, public attention to their relationship

has never been easy or comfortable for either of them.

The Emmy-winning actress and the British star have also expressed their desire to collaborate on another Spider-Man film. However, there has been no official confirmation regarding this.

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In her cover story for Vogue earlier this month, Zendaya offered the readers a glimpse of what their relationship actually is like. She revealed multiple aspects of the fame Tom received after 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming.

We were both very, very young, but my career was already kind of going, and his changed overnight. One day you’re a kid and you’re at the pub with your friends, and then the next day you’re Spider-Man,

She said.

I definitely watched his life kind of change in front of him. But he handled it really beautifully.

On the work front, Zendaya recently acted in ‘Challengers.’ The movie hits theaters on April 26, 2024.

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