Google Plans To Rebrand Bard To Gemini And Release Its ‘Largest And Most Capable Model’

According to the details revealed on X, Google is planning to add a new changelog for the Bard AI tool in the upcoming week. Reports, which are yet to be confirmed by the conglomerate Google, include changing Brad’s AI name to Gemini. The plans are relatable, as the company introduced its new multimedia AI, Gemini, and has begun integrating it into some of its products, including Bard AI.

The changelog shared by Android developer Dylan Roussel came out on February 7. Further, the news also reported that the paid Gemini advanced tier will become available at this time. Additionally, it also mentioned that the Gemini app will also be updated for Android.

On the other hand, another report also claimed that Google would rename Bard “Gemini.”.

Google added a new changelog for Bard, and—oh boy—it’s a big one! The availability in Canada is awesome! That said, I don’t understand the limitations of the app. That’s disappointing for someone who lives in Europe,

he said, adding, “Oh, by the way, read the alleged report.

Moreover, according to the post, with Gemini Advanced, users will get access to Gemini 1.0, which is reported to be “far more capable at highly complex tasks like coding, logical reasoning, following nuanced instructions, and creative collaboration.” Initially available in 150 countries, Gemini will be optimized for the English language. Along with several revelations, the post shared that Gemini will expand to Canada post-release.

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